Mashup: Meditation

Sit in water that is over your head,

As if a bird in your hair should be left asleep.

Gaze silently on the Word.

Ask nothing, offer no advice, and when your monkey mind

does monkey, care not; do care about your breath,

your hands, and watch the sun melt on the hill.

And even monkeys need a home eventually

so, listen, East, the Spirit deep imbedded

never ceases gathering the monkey clan

like mother spreads her skirts

to sing a lullaby which quiets

all who don’t wander off.

“No need to wonder…” – Ruth Bidgood

No need to wonder what heron-haunted lake

lay in the other valley,

or regret the songs in the forest

I chose not to traverse.

No need to ask where other roads might have led,

since they led elsewhere;

for nowhere but this here and now

is my true destination.

The river is gentle in the soft evening,

and all the steps of my life have brought me home.


–   Ruth Bidgood  (as quoted in “Lost In Wonder: Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness”, by Esther De Waal.   Please let me know if this is not accurate.)