Adolescent Man

We all know how strong the sex drive is.  For millenia one of the empirical functions of religion was to contain it.  Christianity – forget whether you believe it or not – was the summit of the evolution of religion as the container of libido.  It struck the perfect balance between warnings of divine anger and a positive, flesh-affirming view of sex within heterosexual marriage.  This is the only recipe for channeling the sex drive.  No secular worldview is capable of producing the slightest force to countervail the urge to throw off all fidelities and copulate.

Sexual liberation is disastrous for civilization, because it produces children raised without fathers.  Both girls and boys need fathers.

Girls without fathers, or good fathers, become “girls gone wild”, as they desperately seek the admiration from a male gaze which a virtuous father would supply, even as he taught her that she need not throw away her princess-hood to get it.

Boys without fathers become animals, predators in the streets who band into gangs for protection.  They’ll devolve into tribalism, committing atrocities in thrall to a clan chief and faux-father.   A boy needs a father to grab him by the arm at an early age and say “men don’t behave like that.  Straighten up or I’ll kick your ass.”  Boys instinctively know they need this, and always feel gratitude in later years for a tough but loving father.

I need to be clear here: I am not talking about a male-dominated society or a patriarchy.  The Christian father rules by strength through love and a service attitude  (people should actually READ St. Paul).

Islam, in contrast, is not capable of creating a great civilization because the Muslim father (like Allah) rules by force, and seeks to perpetuate the rule of his sons over all females.  It’s all just a pre-civilized tribal structure with Allah at the top of a coercive pyramid.  The Incarnation, that sole unique historical event, flipped the traditional religious pyramid upside down.   The religion of Mohammed is not just a rival to Christ – it is the opposite.  But this is not the day for comparative metaphysics – my point is about families.  Only Christendom creates a civilization made of families.

Single mothers – most – simply cannot do their own part and also make up for the lack of the father.   So single motherhood gradually erodes the culture from within, producing loose daughters who breed with predator sons, and it all spirals downward.  The opposite of civilization.  We see it now most advanced in inner-city culture in America, but that’s just because they are ahead of middle-class culture by a few decades.

The decadence of ghetto culture in America is completely explainable by the illegitimacy rate, and you cannot birth babies into homes without breadwinners unless there is money from somewhere.  Money, unconnected to work, corrupts.  And this free money flows into the ghettos of Western culture in massive amounts.  Give people free money, no matter what color their skin is, and they will devolve into a pre-civilized state.

The secularizing forces are really just in search of  1. Free Sex, and 2. Free Money.  That’s it.  Secular man is nothing more than a spoiled teenager.    In the West, our imagined end state is this condition of “terminal affluence”, where we all have free sex and free money.

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