Easy Money

This quote, from a discussion of Obama’s current economic dilemma:


“Business is a problem for Obama. As the Economist’s Lexington said of the President, “he doesn’t understand business. . . .he is interested in economics and technology; but not in how you make money”. During the campaign, he referred to capital gains as “easy money”. Capitalism obviously isn’t his thing.”

The liberal mind simply can’t grasp how money is created. They think it just happens by spontaneus generation, and it floats around out there until captured by those evil capitalists. So their religion is to take it away from the evil capitalists and give it to the poor. In any given generation, their target is wherever the money is — Big Trusts, Big Steel, Big Railroads, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Health. You’ve got the money, they want the money to give away, it is necessary that you be depicted as a devil and stripped bare.

FDR was the same way. One of his biographers comments that he was not interested in economics; when economists started talking his attention wandered. Get that? The guy who was not afraid to singlehandedly set the price of gold while sitting in his pajamas every morning had no patience with economics.

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