Liberal Money.

I’m constantly fascinated with the liberal mind.  I try to imagine the world the way they see it.

Today: money.

Money is a store of value that, in moral terms,  is just floating around out there in the ether.    Nobody in particular owns it.    Those who possess it are just lucky, or evil.    They are evil because they think they own it.   Their voices are just a distraction.

When I have money,  it doesn’t count.

Nobody in particular produces money.   The whole country, as a collective,   produces it.    This production process goes on the same no matter what laws are passed.   People work, and they are given the money they need — rather, the things they need.   There is no particular connection between the work and the money.   If anybody decides not to work, they should be given the things they need.

The more perfect the legal system, the quicker the money will be whisked away as soon as it drops to the ground at the foot of the production tree.   The word “tax” has no moral color whatsoever.   It is just a word for how we transfer the money to where it needs to go.

Because all the money just needs to get to the right place, and there is a lot of it, the legal system is obviously going to be highly complex, but that’s a good thing.   There are lots and lots of rules to make at any given moment because reality is always changing.   There will always be lots of rules to make about where the money goes.    This is called “public service.”



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