“All sins are alike to God.”

That is a (mostly protestant) corruption of the New Testament which I  have been trying to figure out all my life.   It’s the most patent nonesense.

Did God not get mad at individuals more than other individuals in the Bible?   Did He just grow out of that in the church era?

Protestants have a tendency to see God’s entire character through the filter of forensic justification: if God can forgive all deeds through the merit of Christ, then all deeds are the same to Him. How goofy is that? Think about it: Hitler’s deeds “look the same” to God as when I stole that pretzel 40 years ago?

If you rape a child, you do a worse deed than if you steal a paperclip. It is worse to me, it is worse to you, and if my and your moral sense comes from the Creator, then it is worse to God. Is God a moral idiot compared to us, his creatures?

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