The Powder Keg

There are substances that cannot mingle without exploding.   There are forces that cannot mingle but in a tornado.  Two such forces, in the Western democracies, are: increasing cultural diversity, and increasingly centralized governments.   These are a deadly mix.

“Cultural diversity” is the opiate, the mantra to the liberal mind.   It evokes thoughts of rainbows.   But on the ground it means opposed values, which means social groups who cannot live closely together.   I’m sorry to have be the one to break this news.   

In fact, people with different values do not naturally congregate.   I’m not saying hatred is inevitable, I’m not saying these diverse groups cannot cooperate for some specific aim they share, I’m not saying there is zero sharing between such groups.  I am saying it is natural — and healthy — for people with similar values to form clubs, churches, neighborhoods, and to avoid the neighborhoods where their values are not practised.

The PC mind likes to imagine “cultural diversity” on the visible layer of society, with a deeper substrate of shared values.   On the top layer are just “lifestyle choices”,  but at the bottom all people share the same values of kindness, tolerance, and smiliness.   This is largely an illusion nurtured in academic and congressional ivory towers.    There are no diverse cultures that do not conflict, in their cores, over some religious value.  Values, by definition, are precisely those beliefs you are not neutral about.  So it is impossible to have neutral values, or a set of values that can live alongside differing values, and remain utterly indifferent to your neighbors.   Peace is possible, but only in the context of a small government.   It is a small government that makes a melting pot possible.   Because you can’t take the money from two culturally diverse groups, pool it, and do very much with it without doing something that offends a core value of one group or another.

Again — because straw men wander in flocks in this argument — I’m not saying there are NO shared values.   I’m saying there are not enough for these diverse groups to normally combine their life-bloods.

I’m sorry, did I day “life-bloods”?   Money.  Taxes.  As government’s role grows, taxes grow, and the room for diversity shrinks.

If you do find an example to refute me, take a picture of it, because it is disappearing, since the groups in question are becoming more diverse, and the reasons to take the money are increasing.   Today’s successful public program breaks down tomorrow.

I offer as Exhibit A the American public school system.  Those who don’t like the home school movement don’t seem to grasp it is the very “cultural diversity” that is the nirvana of the Left that is driving hordes of families out of that contrived community.   They are saying “we won’t want your diversity, we don’t find it valuable, and we are offended in our core by your coercive synthesis.   Sniff all you want; we walk out, and will more and more, until you pull out the gun.”

And there is no end to these two processes an any foreseeable course in the West.  Somebody will finally decide to fight.

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